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About Us

Graeme Prue 15 years experience


Graeme Prue (Black Belt Under 4th degree Black Belt Dave Ginsberg) has been involved with martial arts since 1997. Graeme Started boxing while finishing his MS in Sports Science. He quickly became a certified boxing coach and began giving group and private lessons in 1999.

After Graeme finished his Masters he began working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has served as Harvard Universities Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ferrari Formula 1 Strength Coach, Strength Coach to Olympic Swimmers, Boxers, and Gymnasts, Professional Rugby Team (Hunslet Hawks RLFC), fitness and figure competitors, and many high level college athletes. Graeme also designed and brought to market a piece of exercise equipment (The Omni Ball) and a nutrition bar (The Heat Bar).

While working as a strength coach Graeme was introduced to Michael Varner (Professional MMA Fighter). After working with Michael for a number of months Graeme was introduced to Michaels MMA team.  It was from these introductions that Graeme Began to expand his Martial Arts Training.

Graeme, while being a strength coach, went to being a student and began his MMA Study. Graeme continued to work his boxing but quickly fell in love with Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Graeme has always approached martial arts with a view towards MMA and Self Defense.

After a few years of study and competing Graeme quickly became sought after by his peers to help them get ready for upcoming competitions and/ or fights. Graeme had come full circle from coach to student back to coach but always approaches things with a students wonder and open mind. This has led to multiple MMA Champions and Grappling Gold Medals.

Graeme has been fortunate to work with the likes of:

UFC Vets

Sean “The Cannon” Gannon

John “Doomsday” Howard

Kenny “Ken-flo” Florian

Peggy Morgan

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Pride Vets

Mario “Zen Machine” Sperry

Murilo “Ninja” Rua

Bellator Vet

Lance “The Bull” Everson


Michael Varner

Mike Littlefield

Bobby Dias


Nate “The Future” Lamotte


Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez

Legendary Coaches

Mark Dellagrotte

Kru Toy Sityodtong

Dave Ginsberg

Mario Sperry

And our Gym

Some of our Members Include:

Math Proffessor- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

Fire Captain- BJJ Competitor

Massage Therapist- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

Nail Technician, Reflexologist- BJJ Competitor

Mechanic- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

School Teacher- BJJ Competitor

Sourcing Manager- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

Lawyer- BJJ Competitor

UPS Logistics- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

Store Clerk- BJJ Competitor

Student- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

Financial Consultant- BJJ Competitor

Granite Worker- MMA Fighter, BJJ Competitor

Welder- MMA Fighter

Landscaper- Kickboxer

Business Owner- Kickboxer


We care about your wellbeing, join our program for more info.


You’ll never fall behind on your goals with the support of our team.


All of our instructors are fully trained and qualified.


Our resonal trainers will help you achieve your goals in no time.


Amenities Over 1300 sq ft Mat Space Boxing Ring Strength and Conditioning Area Locker Room Large Screen TV (Netflix and Blu Ray Player) Massage Area Sauna Shower 3 Bathrooms  

Charity Work Greensboro is our home and we have been fortunate to have a successful business here since 2016. As a way to give back we do a variety of charity work mainly centered around the homeless, children’s charities and those less fortunate than ourselves. Not only have we donated financially to those in need but we often giveaway our time on holidays to be able to help those in need. Every year we look to improve on the financial amount that we can give as well as look at other opportunities that may arise.  

Where We Have Competed Greensboro, NC Raleigh, NC Concord, NC Charlotte, NC Winston Salem, NC Greenville, SC Spartanburg, SC Independence, VA Wytheville, VA Bland, VA Danville, VA Virginia Beach, VA Douglass, GA Valdosta, GA Orlando, FL Crossville, TN Gaitlinburg, TN Elizabethton, TN Plymouth, MA Braintree, MA Worcester, MA

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Graeme Prue is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Dave Ginsberg (4th Degree Black Belt ranked by the legendary Master Mario Sperry, UFC Judge, Lion Fights Judge, plus many more accolades). Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program is in turn affiliated under the Ginsberg Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( Professor Prue received his Black Belt in April of 2017 and has been a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2004.  

Our home school is located in Boston, MA and regularly we will make a weekend trip for an intense few days of training and to also experience the hospitality that the North East has to offer. All students will have the opportunity to join us on a trip and experience working with Professor Ginsberg. During these visits students have had the opportunity to train along side and with the likes of Master Mario Sperry, Professor Dave Ginsberg, John “Doomsday” Howard (UFC Vet), Sean  “The Cannon” Gannon (UFC Vet), Peggy Morgan (UFC, Invicta Vet) plus many others.